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Bournonville – Godfather of Danish ballet

– an illustrated lecture on the Godfather of Danish ballet

In Danish ballet history August Bournonville (1805-1879) is known as the biggest name. Through five generations of dancers he was Denmark’s chief ballet master and choreographer, and with more than 50 ballets he created a unique cultural heritage of the Danish Golden Age. The Royal Ballet has preserved a dozen of these romantic ballets in a living and unbroken performance tradition, which still forms the basis for performances of ballets such as La Sylphide, still one of the world’s most famous and frequently performed ballets.

The legacy of Bournonville remains something quite unique in Danish and international theatre and ballet history. Indeed he is the Godfather of Danish ballet.

Bournonville – Godfather of Danish ballet is an illustrated lecture by By Dr.Phil., ballet historian and author Knud Arne Jürgensen. The lecture will be arranged in time (20- 45 minutes) and content to suit your preference and interest.